Slavery went no where

Coporate manslaughter comes to mind in the wake of Grenfell fire in London ..’ 

More overwhelmingly though, no one is safe at this road unless we work together. #Slavery did not fcuking go anywhere. Let’s be real now. Between class wars and the super rich. #Blacklivesmatter means fcuk all. 

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Matthew 7:13-14 (NIV) The Narrow and Wide Gates 13 “Enter through the #narrow #gate. For #wide is the #gate and #broad is the #road that leads to #destruction, and many #enter #through it. 14 But #small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to #life, and only a #few #find it. My #bible moments. By their #fruits you shall know them. Sweet Lord. I feel convicted today. Real Talk. This chapter is epic. It says vividly about vibrations and discerments. How to spot fake people. It's uncanning and packed with wisdom. The whole chapter. One of my favourites in the bible. Just look at the world today. Flick on your media and wonder what's going wrong around our surroundings. The array of #evil things we are doing to our #brothers and #sisters. It's shameful. May #love find us, #guide #us and #remind. #Amen #MercyfulGrace #MercyfulGraceDiaries

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It has no rights to start with. They just don’t care. 

Yet. They are smiling at you. Even with you ..’ Wake me up. It’s a new fcuking day ..’ You don’t #fcuking believe me. Watch this !!!!!!

By Aremuorin

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