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Honestly, as much as I want to move on with my business, I still find it bizarre how some people can call themselves xtains; when they do dispeakable evils, to others; yet people herald them as important (leaders).

It’s even worse sometimes that those in their communities can’t even clock it (them).

Or may be, they do; and its all part of the system, of foolerry; games on power, control, satanism and fraud; or all of the above.

I just can’t take it any longer. See no evil; hear no evil. Bad, bad, bad religion. Bad, bad bad people.

I wait for the day for good religion to come back; initiating good people to conglomerate, becoming a unified voice of peace, binding the fragilities of human necessity, to be deceitful and loveless; with true love gated with unparralled kindness, unlike before.

To think you need religion to know God or be good; is a total fabrication. God pre existed before religion.

You can’t create him or destroy him. He’s everywhere you seek him. He is life itself. The author, giver, sustenance and taker; revealed through love.

Question is do you know, what love is? God is not religion. God is love. AGAPE. Yaweh.

Love is pure truths. It pours; and its free willing. It’s not commerce, privilege, sex, gender, orientation or nations. It just is. Anything with no truth has no love. It will surely die because it has no life.


Check out my podcast interview with Dharmic Evolution Episode #65

You allow people only to hurt you after a while when you put up with it regardless of their status ..’ The day of judgment is one day not far away; and its not the day, they thought they had you.

Check that demon before that demon checks you. The way evil is wired; is not a conundrum for love, to unravel ..’

Show #haters #the #door ..’ #Forgiveness is #kind but #God is not #blind. #He said, ‘avengance is #mine’. I will #avenge. #LetItGo #God #First

I #do not #envy #evil or their fruits! I have no need for it. The house of evil won’t stand. It will fall. For – God said so ..’ Jesus can not be bought, or sold! The price tag on Jesus is love! Jesus gave his all (Love); freely. Question is – Are you selling, Jesus; or sharring Jesus?


By Aremuorin

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Laura Powers’ – Laura’s Nana – by Àrèmúorin

Laura's Nana -

Building blocks from pieces of misfits, makes a superb duplex, one day ..’ – Anthony Everest

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Laura and Anthony -

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer  :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with ‘Laura, Michael & Anthony’ – Food, Wine, Fun & Merry

Meeting up with my old buddy was real fun. Lots of Smiles 🙂 Xximage

So it’s been a while that I’ve hung out with Laura. We tore LA upside down for a whilelast year. Hollywood West, right through to the Boulevard – And now, Michael came along.

Me and Laura in West Hollywood – previously – (Great Memories)

Where was Bao Tieu. He was home alone – ha ha ha – or maybe not. I did invite him to be fair. He wanted to be responsible on a Friday Night. Yeah Right!



We had a great time. From Mayfair to the Heart of the City of London; then we went west where we painted the town with more – drinks, food, fun and merry. I did non of the first, but sure had a good time with fun in plenty real time. The camera never leaves me, so I get to see everything up close and often recall most things well, to the best of my resourceful, abilities. Ha ha ha!.
The fun part of blogging is that you get to be like a nosy Aeromsmith’s song, as it self proclaims –  ”I don’t want to miss a thing”. 
It’s like a live gig. It’s the one saneless thing, I don’t have to worry about. Just to be comfortable in ones’s skin, around one’s surroundings; with a captivating imagination or two is enough sometimes to get you through the hardest times of life, as hard as it can be. 
For you to have been doing something right, continuously – is the only the reason why haters would wag their tongues continually. Otherwise, they won’t bother; nor move a muscle.. 

I’ve Seen and Met some Vicious Messed up People and EFE’D up things, in my life personally, metaphysically and vicariously. ‘Yes, I am Very Psychic’! At times, it shocks me how people just seem oblivious to it; or how it just goes over their heads!.   

Surely, how some of these people, physically get away with these murderous, monstrous, atrocities; in the name of vanity, with backstabbing two eyed smiling faces, elude me on a daily basis. 


They don’t say the love of money is the root of all evil for no reason. From War to Politics to Religion & Commerce – right there, in it; its twisted, like a Helium Balloon never coming down. Am not a drinker; so, I’m not drunk. I’m a thinker …’ So while this blog might continue to throw up a provoking controversial thought, here and there; this is the stinker – ‘scent’s of reality’.

In the mean while – a bit of fun won’t harm or kill anyone. I stay centred, rooted in love because above it, is nothing but vanity and a whole lot of sorrow. 

For the lucky some, engrossed once or twice in the mucky vendetta of the lure – it may be a wise cautionary fairy tale.
Can’t tell you enough how many times music and writing has been my sanctuary. The rest that don’t, or wont’, or chooses not to fit anymore, nor figure; I lay it (them) upon Love* – at it’s cross roads :: You know how I feel about Love* ::

Till then – more coming. I may be up in your face soon! Hahaa LOL!