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Written by Aremuorin

Saw this post on Facebook and had to re share. Facsinating !!! While some critics allude to the fact that it is un substantiative, I marvel, at their ignorance:

“There were Black people here when the Romans arrived, so she probably was not the first.”

My stance is

“Well, until there is evidence otherwise, snap! She is. Notably and worthy. A Queen all the way. This is not flattery.”


Princess Sophie Charlotte was born in 1744. She was the first Black Queen of England.

Charlotte was the eighth child of the Prince of Mirow, Germany, Charles Louis Frederick, and his wife, Elisabeth Albertina of Saxe-Hildburghausen. In 1752, when she was eight years old, Sophie Charlotte’s father died. As princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Sophie Charlotte was descended directly from an African branch of the Portuguese Royal House, Margarita de Castro y Sousa.

Six different lines can be traced from Princess Sophie Charlotte back to Margarita de Castro y Sousa. She married George III of England on September 8, 1761, at the Chapel Royal in St James’s Palace, London, at the age of 17 years of age becoming the Queen of England and Ireland.


There were conditions in the contract for marriage, ‘The young princess, join the Anglican church and be married according to Anglican rites, and never ever involve herself in politics’.

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Although the Queen had an interest in what was happening in the world, especially the war in America, she fulfilled her marital agreement. The Royal couple had fifteen children, thirteen of whom survived to adulthood. Their fourth eldest son was Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent, later fathered Queen Victoria.

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Queen Charlotte made many contributions to Britain as it is today, though the evidence is not obvious or well publicized. Her African bloodline in the British royal family is not common knowledge.

Portraits of the Queen had been reduced to fiction of the Black Magi, until two art historians suggested that the definite African features of the paintings derived from actual subjects, not the minds of painters.


In Queen Charlotte’s era slavery was prevalent and the anti-slavery campaign was growing. Portrait painters of the royal family were expected to play down or soften Queen Charlotte’s African features.

Painters such as Sir Thomas Lawrence, who painted, Queen Charlotte in the autumn of 1789 had their paintings rejected by the royal couple who were not happy with the representations of the likeness of the Queen.


These portraits are amongst those that are available to view now, which could be seen as continuing the political interests of those that disapprove of a multi-racial royal family for Britain. Sir Allan Ramsey produced the most African representations of the Queen and was responsible for the majority of the paintings of the Queen.


Ramsey’s inclination to paint truer versions of the Queen could be seen to have come from being ‘an anti-slavery intellectual of his day.

The Coronation painting by Ramsey, of the Queen was sent out to the colonies/commonwealth and played a subtle political role in the anti-slavery movement. Johann Zoffany also frequently painted the Royal family in informal family scenes.


Queen Charlotte was a learned character, her letters indicate that she was well read and had interests in the fine arts. The Queen is known to have supported and been taught music by Johann Christian Bach. She was extremely generous to Bach’s wife after Bach’s death. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, at aged eight dedicated his Opus 3 piece to the Queen at her request.

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Also an amateur botanist, Queen Charlotte helped to establish Kew Gardens bringing amongst others the Strelitzia Reginae, a flowering plant from South Africa.

The Queen who had the first one in her house in 1800 introduced the Christmas tree to England. It was said to be decorated with, ‘sweetmeats, almonds and raisins in papers, fruit and toys. Also the Queen Charlotte Maternity hospital was established in London. Set up as a charitable institution, it is the oldest maternity care institution in England.


Queen Charlotte died on November 17, 1818 at Dutch House in Surrey, now Kew Palace, in the presence of her eldest son, the Prince Regent. She is buried at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

The only private writings that have survived are Queen Charlotte’s 444 letters to her closest confidant her older brother, Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. On 23 May 1773 in a letter, the Queen felt she was in a position of privilege yet a task.

Her Christian faith was a protection and a method of endurance, as she quotes from the Bible and recognizes her role as a royal of God beyond her royal role on earth.

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An exhibition took place in 2004, at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace displaying Charlotte and George’s collections and tastes in the arts. Queen Charlotte was the great great-great grandmother of the present Queen Elizabeth II who still lives in the expanded Buckingham House, now Buckingham Palace. Kew gardens still flourishes and is always being expanded, also the Queen Charlotte maternity hospital and many other places still carry her name in honor globally such as Charlotte town, Canada and Fort Charlotte, St Vincent, West Indies.

Just like you, there are many more in the dark. Share this ray of light with them, now. Now that you know ..’

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Give me some more of that Jesus*. It’s exactly, what the doctor, ordered! Pray. 

The only friend, I often, fail, to concede in, is Jesus. Many friends, come and go. But, for me, this is the only one, that never lets you down. You can call him right away, and he’ll be there. It’s all a matter of faith. No conditions. No permissions, No exclusions, No condemnations. It’s remarkable and almost unbelievable – to have access to such great – power, and yet, not know it – no thanks, to the wollow and mire of our daily,, grinds ..’ It’s a shame, we live, in a Godless generation. Why is that what I write on my blog, a week, earlier, gets to be the talk of the day on tv – and debated? – Call me crazy ..’ I am freaking, psychic. The ‘Holy Spirit’ does not lie. It’s like plagiarism. What? Glad to be a force of reckoning. Flattering. Mercyfulgrace

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People think, they exist only on the streets, or in night clubs and worldly, places. Oh no! Wrong. Mercy – they are all over the benches, in the house of Love*. The Church. A total blend. Trying. Trying and Trying, all over & over again, to consume, the loved ones, with their wickedness & disguises. You could almost fool me. But not quite ..’ I know – the truth!
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Why keep looking back when you have so much to look forward to. Just because you are a Christain – does not make you right – before God. I know I’m not perfect, it’s why I need Jesus everyday. Mercy! Listen. I don’t trust anyone. When I see it – I will believe it. Give me some of more of that Jesus. It’s exactly,what the doctor ordered. Pray Sometimes, you have to show people. Paradventure – they’ll get the message. — feeling inspired.

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a multi-award winning Jazz, Soul-R&B Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts 

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‘The Holy Spirit’ – The #Importance ..’ #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

Written by Anthony Everest

I want to start sharing today - and this is for those who understand, and if you don’t you 
will eventually - if you desire to. 

“But unto us God revealed [them] through the Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God”. Corth 2:10 (AS Version)

“But God has given us the revelation of these things through his Spirit, for the Spirit makes search into all things, even the deep things of God”. Corth 2:10 (BBE Version)


The importance of consulting the Holy Spirit prior is this. It saves you and I, disappointment’s. I mean, I was watching back a performance, that I walked into, without asking the Holy Spirit first or allowing it to lead the way – only to be on stage, right in the first few bars, into the song, to realise – it was the wrong situation to be in. I mean half the musicians, didn’t know the tune and didn’t fess up that they didn’t.


The funny part was that they pulled straight faces saying they were playing the chords. I was like, (in my head) so; because you play the chords, that means you know the tune? – Please.

Anyone can play the chords. I can play chords too. I’m a songwriter and know lot’s of chords. But! Do you know the changes? Do you know the feel. Do you understand the structure, mood, and reasons for those changes?

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So, I stopped singing, and said – may be it’s best we should play a song, we all know, being tactful and diplomatic. Then, left – after apologising to the audience for the huge build up (as I was very excited initially to perform to them) only to let them down. Most importantly – myself.


Why do some people believe their dead, loved ones, are with them in spirit ?

Same reason I believe Jesus is with me, and God sent him to die for my sins.It’s the same very reason, why some people, don’t believe in any; of these two, at all!

I may be a little, too, deep, for you this moment. Well, you won’t expect anything shallow from me – regardless, on this timeline! Not now, anyway.

I keep it real ..’ 

I could have blagged and jammed along (as a colleague suggested) – but I knew, in my heart – God did not call me to be mediocre, average or just be a tag along Act! If you don’t stand up for something – you stand up for anything!

Thank you Jesus for the HOLLIEST OF ALL HOLY SPIRIT’S :: Knowledge is real power!

I could easily throw stones – in that glass house. But I learned a serious, fundamental lesson – again, that I already knew. Not everyone who is with you, is for you. High and might above all, how you are destined to live your life; is between you and God, and no man.

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer  :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts :: 


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