MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with ‘Àrèmúorin’ – The Importance of the Holy Spirit

MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with ‘Àrèmúorin’ – The Importance of the Holy Spirit

MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘The Holy Spirit’ – The Importance by Aremuorin

I want to start sharing today - and this is for those who understand, and if you don’t you 
will eventually - if you desire to. 

“But unto us God revealed [them] through the Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God”. Corth 2:10 (AS Version)

“But God has given us the revelation of these things through his Spirit, for the Spirit makes search into all things, even the deep things of God”. Corth 2:10 (BBE Version)


The importance of consulting the Holy Spirit prior is this :: It saves you and I, disappointment’s. I mean, I was watching back a performance, that I walked into, without asking the Holy Spirit first or allowing it to lead the way – only to be on stage, right in the first few bars, into the song, to realise – it was the wrong situation to be in. I mean half the musicians, didn’t know the tune and didn’t fess up that they didn’t.


The funny part was that – they pulled straight faces saying – they were playing the chords. I was like, (in my head) so; because you play the chords, that means you know the tune? – Please.

Anyone can play the chords. I can play chords too. I’m a songwriter and know lot’s of chords. But! Do you know the changes? Do you know the feel. Do you understand the structure, mood, and reasons for those changes?

So, I stopped singing, and said – may be it’s best we should play a song, we all know, being tactful and diplomatic. Then left – after apologising to the audience for the huge build up (as I was very excited initially to perform to them) only to let them down. Most importantly – myself.


Why do some people believe their dead, loved ones, are with them in spirit ?

Same reason I believe Jesus is with me, and God sent him to die for my sins.It’s the same very reason, why some people, don’t believe in any; of these two, at all!

I may be a little, too, deep, for you this moment. Well, you won’t expect anything shallow from me – regardless, on this timeline! Not now, anyway.

I keep it real ..’ 

I could have blagged and jammed along (as a colleague suggested) – but I knew, in my heart – God did not call me to be mediocre, average or just be a tag along Act! If you don’t stand up for something – you stand up for anything! ::

Thank you Jesus for the HOLIEST OF ALL HOLY SPIRIT’S :: Knowledge is real power!

I could easily throw stones – in that glass house. But I learned a serious, fundamental lesson – again, that I already knew. Not everyone who is with you, is for you :: High and might above all, how you are destined to live your life; is between you and God and no man.

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— with Anthony Everest.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Love’ – Real Love By Àrèmúorin

The Holy Spirit does not lie. When there is a block – there is a reason :: To those who know what love is – (Real Love) – Peace, Love, Joy and prosperity – may it find you always and your fam Xx —


Just want to say – Dear Lord! I thank you for everyday of my life that you make me smile. I believe, and love you, for your many loving saving graces. There is no one like you – through out and all the earth :: Mercy and full is your grace. “When your heart is in the wrong place – confusion sets before you. Thats where, when and how you wollow in wickedry. Totally, lost in it. No one can steal my joy, peace and mentality – cuz, it’s set before me – in; JESUS, the Son Of God!” Need no bells and whistle’s – all I need is you Jesus to walk with me, talk with me and teach me to be a better me! ::

Love is gonna turn it around … Watching some footage from the gospel tour .. Jeeze – I think I need less of me, and more of Jesus, but I just can’t help it, to enjoy my self a little bit. I mean – why can’t I dance and laugh in the frenemies face. It’s one thing for folks to be a nasty piece of work from a distance – but it is a great(er) revelation when they are self confessed. At least, theres no misunderstanding in that!


The devil is sure but nothing but a liar. In spite of the traps it keeps, setting before me/(us) ..’ If you knew what I was talking about you would dance too. Mercy :: Dear I take you everywhere I go with me – with Love* :: even if you don’t want to. Ha ha.

Run To Love EP

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Touring Summer 2015

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My Best Friend :: Hallelujah ::

I genuinely have only one friend ‘DA HOLY SPIRIT’ – It’s ever faithful and ever constant. It send’s an alarm bell through(out) my system – when the enemy is near! DISTRESS CALL !!! :: I often – don’t listen – and later, I remember. 


Damm – The Holy Spirit – FORE warned. But I kept on going, like, I knew better. (OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE – FOR REAL). Cha! 

The devil is a liar. I can’t begin to give YOU examples – cuz it will take all day. Some non – believers – wouldn’t even have a clue – on what I’m saying – so I shall save it, for maybe, a book, or a movie or a right TESTIMONY time, some other day! :: Amen :: 


God Is Good ::