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Giuseppe Nkansah, Interview #In14Ways –

Finally, caught up with the man himself. Took a while but we are here now. This rising multiple award winning fashionista is faithfully driven with passion, coupled with good hard work ethics, very admirable ..’

1. How are you today

Am wonderful! Thanks so much.

2. Whats your story

My Name is Giuseppe Nkansah, originally from Ghana but born and raised in Italy. After I finished my Studies in Media, I decided to move to London where I started my career in the Fashion Industry.

Life has be up and down, but I still move on.

Giuseppe Nkansah, Interview #In14Ways –

3 Who inspires you most
The Person who has inspired me the most, is me because I know how much I have prayed, and how much I have worked so hard to achieve what I have dreamed of, since I was a child. So yeah !! I am the my own great inspiration. I motivate myself a lot even when nobody else does it.

4. Do you think you have a hard reputation?
Yes I do.

I am always Positive.

5. What wont you put up with?

Putting others down.

6. How do you define yourself


Giuseppe Nkansah, Interview #In14Ways –

7. Whats life harshest lesson?

When you trust someone so easily.

8. Would you love again?

We can’t never stop Loving.

True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love never ends.

9. Who would you trust?

God. I love this verse. It says:
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and don’t lean on your own understanding. I love it.

Without my trust in him, I would not be where I am today.

Giuseppe Nkansah, Interview #In14Ways –

10. Is modelling a great job?

For everyone, it is different. On my side, I have never had complaints.

Actually… yeah !!! The worst side in the modelling job is when the team aren’t on time.

I love when they style me. Make ups? baah, hard to find the right make up artist. In many pictures you see, I do direct myself, actually, I also direct the photographer, to make sure he has the right angle.

I can be annoyed most of the times but you need to remember you are the image.

I do remember my second shoot I had in year 2012, we spent 11 hours just for 3 collections.

I will never forget it. But the good side was they brought food. Without food, I can’t pose in front the camera.

I love it not just because I love pictures but I have had the chance to meet great designers.

If you want to ask me about how much they do pay me, sorry it’s confidential.

11. Next big plan
I love surprises. Trust me.

You better wait and see.

12. Advise for newbies
Dreams and Visions can take time but it doesn’t mean you need to stop believing in yourself. You have the power to control your Vision, you should not give up, no matter what. Work hard and Never forget to put God First.

13. Whats your weakness?
To be honest,

I feel shy most of the times
Especially talking in public, and this is one of my weaknesses

14. Say a prayer for us, all and humanity

May the Lord help us to achieve our dreams because everything is possible.

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