The Prayer – ‘Sunday Confessions’

Sometimes when I process the ‘White Jesus’ – game; I bow to ‘White Supremacy’, for a moment, for a game well played.

– Aremuorin

Merciful father, our redeemer, ancient of days & lover of our soul. We honour you forever. Thank You  for always letting us triumph in Christ & for always answering our prayers.

 May your word remain true and potent in our lives. Lord, cleanse us from all un righteousness & anything that may hinder our prayers, give us humble hearts and a hunger for you In Jesus name. Let your word be our anchor forever.

We declare we have the mind of Christ & seek things above with eternal value.
Lord thank you for the dawning of a new season, the end is better than the beginning thereof, therefore, the floodgates of heaven are opened over us.

We enter a season of victory, success, divine health all round. We come against any devourer, distraction & fear of the unknown, knowing you alone controls the entire universe & times & seasons are in your hands. We boldly declare that you have the final say over our individual lives.

By your Word, O Lord, sustain our joy & gladness, let our joy not suddenly be taken away. We come against any form of spiritual dryness, depression & stagnancy in Jesus’ name

We take authority over any spirit of discouragement, doubt, fear, terror, unbelief, sin, intimidation and confusion. We rebuke every spirit of  sudden & untimely death, in Jesus Mighty name

Through the leading of the holy spirit, lord expose, unveil the intention, motives of every one connected to us & forcefully deliver us from household wickedness, users, unfriendly friends, wolves in sheeps clothing, enemies within, evil competitors , destiny killers & destroyers.

We decree no one can alter nor derail our divine destinies because our lives are hidden in Christ with God. Lord, let your word open our eyes & ears to the things of the Spirit, we bind any strongman associated with spiritual blindness and deafness. Above all, whatever it will cost us, may we make heaven at last for that is what truly matters.

Thank you for answered prayers  In Jesus Mighty Name !!!


By Aremuorin
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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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Prayer for Finances: ‘Believe’ – #In14Ways #Faith #Work #MercyfulGrace

Here is #faith. Now, do the work. Mathew 7:7. I claimed it for you – now claim it for me. God has more than a thousand ways to provide for us, that we know nothing about.

Here is your financial Blessing! It’s a simple prayer, you love. Don’t sleep on this.

If you need a financial Blessing, continue reading this message. Heavenly Father, most Gracious and Loving God, I pray to you that you Abundantly Bless My family and me.

I know that you recognize, that a Family is more than just a mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, husband and wife, but all who believe and trust in You.

Dear GOD, I send up a prayer request for Financial Blessings this year for not only the person who sent this to me, but for me and all that I have forwarded this message to.

And that the power of joined prayers by those who Believe and Trust in You is more powerful than anything!

I thank You in advance for Your Blessings. God, deliver the Person reading this right now from debt and debt burdens.

Release Your Godly wisdom that I may be a Good steward over all that You have given me GOD, for I know how wonderful and mighty You are and how if we just obey You and walk in Your word and have the faith of a Mustard Seed that You will pour out Blessings.

I thank You now Lord for the recent Blessings I have received and for the Blessings yet to come, because I know You are not done with me yet. In Jesus name Amen…


TAKE 60 SECONDS and send this on quickly and within hours, you will have caused a multitude of people to pray to God for each other.

Then sit back and watch the power of God work in your life for doing the things that you know He loves. Peace and Blessings….

Have Faith ..’


#BadReligion #Covid19
#Aremuorin #LockDown

Produced by Aremuorin

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Multi Awardee Conscious Writer / Holistic Jazz Soul Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts. (C) 2019 MercyfulGrace / Anthony Everest

Alexandra Burke – ‘BodyGuard the Musical’

As the curtains draw to a close, Friday 29th of August 2014 and BodyGuard ‘The Musical’ – heads on the tour :: To a triumph start of 2014, no doubt for Alexandra – UK’s own version of fairy tale rags to riches – overcoming all odds – A New Chapter.


Alexandra Burke with Anthony Everest –

Saw this show on the opening night …’ It was a great show. Alex was really cool, calm and performed effortlessly. I can’t wait to go back.

Spoilers – Best Songs For Me :: one of Whitney’s most difficult ballads to sing – All The Man I Need (Luther Vandross – recorded a version of the song – and he didn’t change the pronoun ‘He’. He sang it for real ‘All The Man I Need’. Guess Luther took to it to church :: Might be obscure to find now .. but trust me. It’s out there some where) & I’ll Always Love You, plus a wicked dance routine, thrown in the middle of one number.


Can’t recall the tune and I don’t care. I just remember the girl shimmering her bad ass on stage. Go see this show. It’s really really really good!


Alex won the X-Factor series in 2008 and continues to showcase her talents in Acting, Singing and Dancing. Tripple threats are rare these days. Even Leona Lewis, will have to come up with the goods after this one :: fingers crossed. The critics are waiting and the public are anticipating. In fact, our jaws are dropping, wagging and contemplating June 2.


Pretty sure, Miss Burke is taking this in her stride by close pals and loved ones well wishing her for a fruitful beginning to a new beginning of beginnings for her. When I saw this poster, I thought – I just had to post this for the UK Fans. Miss Burke should not be afraid to step in the lime light of glory when the spot lights on her. Never shy away from your blessings. Always give them something new to talk about.

This build up sensationalises her return to the stage post her UK West End Charity stage debut last year. Many people have said the worst, now we wait the best. It’s Alexandra Burke playing Whitney Houston against Tristan Gemmill. OMG! Just BREATH – Just Pray and Just Say Whitney – I’ll Always Love You. She will be right there smiling down on you ebbing you all along the upward way.


Wishing you all the Best Alexandra. Don’t forget to invite Cheryl Cole too LOL :: On a more serious note ::


“Sail on Silver Girl – Sail On By – Your Time Has Come :: Shine & don’t forget to flash a genuine Smile 🙂 Xx” To every Rose that Blooms In May – here is to another English One! ::

(May) God Bless You and fill you with life anew !!!

All the best. Praying you find all the things you are looking for, dreamed of and more …’ Things that are good /(great) for you, that would bring you & your family closer, to The Maker of Heaven and Earth :: Amen ::

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts :: 

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