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Written by Aremuorin

Written by Aremuorin – Anthony Everest. Excerpts on Page 28, Homeless Diamonds, Published by St. Mungos.


Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Multi Awardee Conscious Writer / Holistic Jazz Soul Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts. (C) 2020 MercyfulGrace / Anthony Everest

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Black communities need to dialogue introspectively, honestly, on sexuality. D’Nile is not just a river in Africa.

Written by Aremuorin – Anthony Everest. Excerpts on Page 28, Homeless Diamonds, Published by St. Mungos.

Boy issues become a big man’s saga, like spreading STD and aids, when we remain defiantly ignorant. It makes us look backwards.

It’s absurd to blame the west for the lgbtqia movement when Africans have been at it first for hundreds of years.

More so, when repressed black men creep about on the the downlow spreading the risks of hiv and aids on their matrimonial beds.

Or even worse with multiple partners, or casual encounters; because of shame, embarrassment, stigmatisation, miseducation, culture, religion, loneliness and ignorance.

*Life with HIV* … the *ridicule & the stigma*. Wadzanai shares her 29 years journey with HIV her being *kidnapped*, held *hostage* & a staged *accident* and how she is now *purposely living* her life today – Extraordinary Achievers Show.

Am not trying to influence anybody on their orientation but educate everybody, hopefully, on orientation and human sexualities.

And that’s okay to know to be empowered, in saving ones own life from an ignorant early demise, due to inherrited, irrational fear, from bucking through eugenics and hypocrisy.

Sally B Hunt – MercyfulGrace Blog

“In particular, men who have sex with men and black African people are disproportionately affected.

Of the 4,453 people diagnosed with HIV in the UK in 2018, 51% were gay or bisexual men.

Of the 1,550 heterosexual people diagnosed with HIV in 2018, 41% were black African men and women” – According to Terence Higgins Trust on HIV Ststistics.

In a maze of people, who don’t vibrate on a higher frequency, above the complexity, of life’s arduous, repetitive grind, deprived of free will, to give, to love and to have. I’ve a freaky wicked plan to talk about what love will do ..’

Some of you think people who are different, are PERVERSE?

When, in fact, some of the people who look like, you, are the gate keepers, to those, who are perverse, dropping off with aids …’

I have lots of friends from rich to poor. Able to disabled. From, lgbtqia+ communities, to real royals.

Not those masks worn by self-haters shrouded with narcissistic toxic relationships like toxic masculinity to hide their conflicted truths.

If God be for us, because of what Christ has done, who can oppose us? Am not about that lie. Live your authentic best life ❤️🌹

John 8:7 – Let He who is without sin amongst you cast the first stone.

My Final Prayer

If I could be You for a day. I will be free for always. So make me more like You Oh Lord”.

Produced by Aremuorin

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