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Interview by Aremuorin

Hellen Atim – MercyfulGrace Blog

1. Who is Hellen Atim

An African Gangstar lol. African heroine, mother, phillantropist, music and film producer.

2. How did she become

From domestic violence survivor to charity CEO & Multi Award Winning Film Maker.

3. Is she ready

You bet. Eat or be eaten.

Hellen Atim – MercyfulGrace Blog

4. What is the dream

To rule the world in a big baloon.

5. Who inspires you?

My God who is love and life.

6. What crosses have you had to bear

Picking up all my crosses and getting on with it.

Hellen Atim – MercyfulGrace Blog

7. Do you forgive and forget

I do.

8. What is life to you

Giving truthfully.

9. What legacy would you leave your kids

Independence and entrepreneurship.

Hellen Atim – MercyfulGrace Blog

10. What’s your fav job Music or Movies

It’s a tie. They are twins.

11. Places of interest

Good Churches & Home. Home is where love is personified.

12. Which two actors do you dream to cast

To be picky will be insulting, to the tremendous talents I know, internationally.

Hellen Atim – MercyfulGrace Blog

13. Why do you like “If You Need Me”? by Anthony Everest

How could you not like a beautiful universal song about love.

14. Say a prayer for humanity.

May God keep us away from; all evil, now known, and unknown. Amen.

Hellen Atim – MercyculGrace Blog

Thank you for this wonderful interview. All the best.

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