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The Mark of the beast is here:👇🏾
👉🏾Rev 13:17, (1+3 + 1+7 = 12)👈🏾

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” – Rev 13:17

All your favourite celebs, public figures and favourite brands throwing up the 666 hand sign across their products, or endorsed, by it’s image or mark.

From the privileged, Bishops to singers. Guilty as charged according to the book of revelations.

  1. Mark = Tatoo, or image (Of the beast)
  2. Name = Lucifer / Baphomet / Goat Lucy
  3. Number = 666, 13, 6
  4. Pyramid & Left eye Signs
  5. ’13’ is an occultic number of Judas
  6. ‘6’, is the no of #man
  7. 12 is the no of the Church

Stay woke. Pray. It is well. There is a new Jerusalem on earth coming. God will never leave you or give you more than you can bear but you must believe in him in your heart and forsake all other demi-gods.

What do you think? https://MercyfulGrace.blog

They did not give you life nor are they the source of sources. Thou they think they are. Sorcerers lol. They are only lifelessly temporal.

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Accept his one and only Holy sacrifice. Jesus. That’s why he is called Emmanuel.

God suffers no fool unlike humans. I’ve seen what’s beyond the sky. Free willingly. Come to him with opens arms. He Knows your heart ..’

It’s only negative when it’s true. It only hurts when it’s the truth. It’s only sweet when it’s a lie ..’ – #In14ways

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