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In 1929, women from Ibibio, Andoni , Opobo, Igbo, Bonny and Ogoni marched to Oloko district to protest the restriction of women’s role in government in colonial times. 

The Warrant Chiefs at the time used their power positions to openly oppress the Igbo market women which resulted in the revolt now known in history books as the ‘Aba Women Riot of November 1929’.  

Wikipedia says it was a “strategically executed anti-colonial revolt organised by women to redress social, political and economic grievances” and resulted in the resignation of many of the Warrant Chiefs at the time.

Today we are faced with the same terror of social, political and economic grievances on the backbone of ethnic and religious divides that appear to be widening especially in Northern Nigeria.

The recent acquittal of the 5 Men who allegedly killed an Igbo woman in a Kano market in broad daylight, in full view of witnesses, which the NPF now claim to have insufficient evidence of under section 130 and 150 of the criminal code is worrying. 

Also the 15 years old Christian girl abducted and married off to the 65 years old Katsina Emir, a case pursued by CAN on the instance of her parents, to which the Katsina Emirates have ruled as ‘legal’ even though the Koran teaches  that a young woman cannot be given in marriage without her parents consent is also ignored by the Law.

No outcry, no recriminations to a government that plays to the gallery in the face of ethnic and religious occurrences which is now a  growing concern in Nigeria.

Shall we wait until our mothers are killed or daughters abducted before we ask the nation to stand up and ask to be heard??  Womem especially female groups like HOSEI, FIN, Greenlands and NGOS like Project Alert …..Speak Out before its too late.

Women in the Senate and the House of Reps should remember that they were elected to take a position on matters such as these; so far they have collectively let us down.  So the next time a male Senator threatens violence against a female Senator, we will also be silent.


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