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“I rather be skint and free ..” – Anthony Everest

Anthony Everest and friends in Los Angeles

Don’t dwell on yesterday. Dwell on right now. Without now, there’s no, tomorrow. Just like, there’s no yesterday .Be prayerful and determined to win! Evoke that positivity with bundles of energy. If I was raised in this country (the west) – I’m pretty sure, I’ll be atheist; based on the examples, of some of the self assured Xtains, I’ve lived, around with. Why would I believe in a God, professed by hypocrites, who don’t practise what they preach; yet feel vindicated and righteous to vilify others, cuz they don’t believe or subscribe to their idiocracy?

I’m truly grateful to my varied cultural perspective, and faith grounding – independent of religious bias, through dogma. You can only, truly believe, where you’ve, felt, received, or believed, the truth. The truth is always in love! The truth is, only in love, through revelations – of Love. God Is Love*. Well to me – in any case.

Jacoby Jones (Baltimore Ravens with Àrèmúorin - Anthony EverestJacoby Jones (Baltimore Ravens) with Anthony Everest

I’m still, tripped, over the dude preaching to his followers that we are Gods slave. In your dreams matey. I bet all those slaves have emptied their, life savings and wallets into your bank a/c all ready! Oops – The Church’s band a/c! The many bad people in religion, have thrown me off religion for good!

When you have a vision, own it, live it, dream it, until it becomes :: reality! :: When you don’t’ have a vision, that’s when you get tossed around like a puppet.

Be it plan A, B, C, or D. Stick with it! A slave is not the way to go.

Waste no time with haters..’ I spent too much time, over them, over the years. I could have written greater music, instead, or read a book, perhaps, better – pull out my teeth. Now, I can’t wait to uproot the remaining dross that do nothing but occupy space. More Deletions this week – lookout – you may suddenly, not be found on my friends list. Nuf Said !!! You may fool those around you, but you don’t fool me – cuz, I have the Power that Rose Christ From The Dead – living inside of me ..’ Beat That! Good Luck* :: Okay Dot Com :: #Sabotage

Have learned to surround myself with real people. Real people, who want the best for everyone ..’ There’s nothing wrong with down time and a bit of ‘per say’ fun. Not two faced, lying, backstabbing clowns; for a few, quick buck, or two ..’ Life is too short to be revolved, around the past. When I say, some self righteous, religious people, are the worst, at this crime – it’s an understatement ..’

Many will front, like gangsters, but seriously, broken; like children, inside. It’s not a criticism, its an observation. Love makes us all whole. God – only perfects us – all, through his loving graces ..’ I don’t have to tell God, I love him. He knows that, already. He knows my heart, and my worth. So, why would I lower myself, to negative people? Step! Mercyfulgrace

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer  :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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